Try To Bloom The Most Beautiful Flowers

- Feb 06, 2018-

Although its life is short, it endeavors to bloom the most beautiful flowers. Its most splendid aspect is just like human beings. Some people have short lives, but it makes no sense that they are meaningful.

In fact, and firecrackers are similar, the structure contains black powder and medicine cited. Ignite the fireworks, similar to the above-mentioned chemical reaction triggered an explosion, and the energy released during the explosion, most of the light into the light show. The production of fireworks in the process of adding a number of luminescent agents and hair color can make the fireworks emit colorful colors.

Fireworks are made using this property of metal. The people making the fireworks are skillfully arranged to determine the sequence of burning. In this way, the fireworks detonated, they will be able to blooming in the dark sky colorful, colorful patterns, which is often talked about the flame color reaction.

Different kinds of metal compounds emit different colors when burning. For example, sodium chloride and sodium sulfate are all sodium compounds that give off a golden flame when burned. By the same token, calcium nitrate and calcium carbonate emit a brick red flame when burned. In chemistry, the above results are often used to test the metals contained in a substance. This type of experiment is called the flame test.