Visual-based Products

- Feb 06, 2018-

Fireworks are the products that can form colors, patterns and produce sound effects when discharging, mainly based on visual effects. Firecrackers is the main body when the explosion was blasting and can produce sonications, flashing and other effects, the main products to auditory effects. Fireworks are based on gunpowder. Initially, is designed for the aristocrats rich and powerful struggle to fight extravagant items, to the Ming and Qing, pyrotechnics has a new development, and gradually become a holiday gift. During the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and other major events, fireworks must be used to promote the festival.

There are many kinds of fireworks in our country, and the color varieties are quite different. Among them, the chrysanthemum type is the most favorite flower pattern. After the fireworks were launched into the sky, they were first burned by colorful and colorful light agents, then parachutes, pyrotechnics and night sky beautifully formed by the falling parachutes, forming various beautiful patterns and becoming the people in the first month of the Lantern Festival. aims. This fleeting large-scale fireworks, the cost is high. General county, township put fireworks, both grand, but also control, in order to achieve the purpose of viewing, the holiday atmosphere to a climax as the goal. "Fireworks Silver Night" is a true portrayal of this landscape.

When it comes to putting fireworks, you should also mention the tower fire in Shanxi. This tower fire not only has the function of heating but also the lighting value as well as the ornamental value. It will also show its talents on the 15th of the first month. Tower fire is made of brick, loess and mud barriers. Generally more than a meter high, in some places can reach one meter five, six, each unequal. About fifty centimeters in diameter. In the round 桷, leaving small holes around. "Tower Fire", equipped with large pieces of carbon, base tower into a tower, and then lit from the bottom with wood, so that carbon blocks themselves. This tower fire, can burn for one night. Tower fire lit, with the first lunar January Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, downtown, put fireworks simultaneously. Usually in the first lunar month fourteen, fifteen, sixteen night light. This tower fire, reflecting the spirit of the people sustenance, look forward to good harvests next year, strong financial resources, family population prosperity, a good luck.