When Is The Price Of Waste Paper In China's Fireworks And Firecrackers Stable And Rebound?

- Nov 21, 2018-

News original: China Fireworks and Firecrackers Association

From November 17th to 19th, a total of 91 paper mills lowered the price of waste paper within three days. Among them, 43 paper mills fell on the 17th and 24 fell on the 18th. Yesterday (19th), 24 paper mills were lowered. The price, continue a new round of downtrend channel, but this time will not be too intense, the space for falling is no longer, ranging from 20-100 yuan / ton. In the northern weekend, the three dragons fell 50-70 yuan / ton, driving a wave of price cuts in the region. The North China region basically stabilized at the beginning of this week. Some paper mills in Shandong and Henan still cut 30-50 yuan/ton today. Domestic waste paper prices continued to fall, and some manufacturers fell back to 2,000 yuan / ton. The southern market is basically stable in East China today, and the market has no obvious tendency to rise or fall.

For some time, the domestic waste yellow paper market has been plunged into a downturn, and the price of used yellow paper is easy to fall. Some people think that there are two main reasons for the current market downturn: First, the margin of waste paper imports is slowing down; second, the pattern of weak demand for finished paper continues.

From the fourth quarter to the beginning of the second year, there will always be a traditional paper season, and paper prices will always go out of a wave of small bull markets. This year's "golden peak season", the paper price has not risen, whether it is waste paper or finished paper, this winter is particularly cold.

The price of this year's waste paper is basically a trace of a few characters, that is, from the beginning of the beginning of the year until April, all the way up, and then until around May, the national waste began to fluctuate all the way down, especially 9 From the month to the present, the price fell home and could not find the North. This year's price, ups and downs, the family feels that this year's waste paper, and the futures stock market is exactly the same, there are no two, really can't play.

For Chinese fireworks manufacturers, the stability of paper prices is definitely good news. They can get more orders for fireworks.