Why China Fireworks Prices Are Higher Than Before? China Domestic Paper Prices Continue To Keep A Hot Rising Tide.

- Mar 22, 2018-

Under the dual factors of environmental protection policies and the reduction of waste paper materials, China domestic paper prices continue to run high recently. At the same time, the price of recycling waste paper has risen as well. In this context, some people "cry", some "laugh". The waste paper recycling market is also expected to continue the hot.

As reduction of raw materials, then paper prices rise. Many paper production enterprises "cry", while waste paper recycling enterprises "smile", the waste paper recycling market start to hot.

Over the past year, "price increases" have been a common word in the paper industry. After a round of inflation, plunging and rising, the paper price "rising tide" has swept the country from south to north in 2018. According to the Chinese paper industry network, recently, the price of the original paper has been raised again, and 14 new paper companies issued the price increase, the increase is 150-500 RMB/ton!

For a while, in China, some people say, "fry a room to rich, not as good as to fry paper" is no longer a joke. Supermarket quietly raised the price of toilet paper on the shelf, paper recycling market has also been unprecedented attention.

How long will it last? Why does the paper price rise? What will happen next? What is the impact on the recycling market? A similar problem has become the focus of the industry.

Vice President of the national chamber of commerce for paper industry Zhu Yong believes that the main driver of paper price rising is waste paper price rise. Because the total amount of waste paper can't satisfy the market demand.

So why does the waste paper price keep rising? Why does the total amount of waste paper not meet the market demand? On the whole, there are two main reasons: first, the tightening of national solid waste policy and the standard of imported waste paper; Second, the environmental protection high pressure continues, the regulation high pollution paper enterprises.

It is undeniable that most of the paper raw materials in China are imported from abroad. In 2017, China start to ban on importing foreign garbage. The foreign garbage import channels were blocked, papermaking raw material is relatively reduced, and paper materials, cartons, paper prices are rising.

As a consequence of that, fireworks prices are rising continually. Because paper is the main raw materials of fireworks production, including fireworks tubes, package and carton.

So that’s Why China fireworks prices are higher than before.