You Can Add Joy To The Holiday Atmosphere

- Feb 06, 2018-

The origin of firecrackers has a history of over 1,000 years. In the absence of gunpowder and paper, the ancients used fire bamboo to burst their voices in order to expel the plague god. This is, of course, a folklore legend, but it reflects the good wishes of the ancient Chinese people who crave for peace. Firecrackers on different historical periods, the title from the firecrackers, explosion pole, artillery battle and artillery until fireworks. In modern times, Chinese fireworks are almost always fired at traditional festivals, festive weddings, ceremonies, festivals and other occasions. In particular, during the Spring Festival, the use of firecrackers is more than half of the annual consumption.

Whether it is the Lunar New Year holidays, or marry, into the school promotion, as well as the completion of the building, shops and so on, as long as the celebration, people are accustomed to fireworks to celebrate. Fireworks will be set off even in many places, but not for celebration. There are different customs and uses of firecrackers, but most are celebrated.

Spring Festival firecrackers, as the people of our country celebrate the Spring Festival customs, has a long history, although this activity can give the festival a happy atmosphere, but the smoke released fireworks, splashed Mars, likely to cause environmental pollution, causing a fire, some potent Cracker every year will cause some casualties. With the progress of society and people's civilization, it has drawn great attention from all walks of life for the drawbacks of the practice of setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival.