40 Ball Magic Shot Fireworks

40 Ball Magic Shot Fireworks

Magic shots fireworks is a classic small tube roman candle.They can be held in hand to set off, shoot red color and green color flaming balls one by one. The tube diameter is 1.15-1.35cm.
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Basic Information:

Fireworks Category:

Roman Candle

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40 ball magic shot fireworks

Product specifications:1.2*70cm
Packing:30/12, 24/12


Liuyang Champion Fireworks


Flaming colored ball with report


50 cartons

Product picture:

40 Ball Magic Shot Fireworks

QC video:

This small candle shoot 40 alternating red and green balls with report. A cheap 12 pack. It's great for small backyard BBQs.

Factory production:

40s magical shot fireworks production

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